See for yourself what our clients are saying about us.

Evan Murlin, Owner
Ohio Retirement Resources

20 Aug 2014

“I am a small business owner who runs financial planning and real estate investment businesses. Technology is my lifeline to running two organized and successful businesses. Over the course of the last several years my computer devices have had some major issues which would have cost me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars going to the traditional big box stores for service. In some cases I have even had issues which my Internet Service Provider and Microsoft themselves could not solve. The expert knowledge and service that Bobby Kneisel and K-Tech Solutions have given me has been invaluable in solving every computer problem I have had. In some cases they solved my problems in just minutes where other places were quoting me hours to solve. I have saved a significant amount of time and money working with K-Tech solutions for all of my technology service and support. Whether you are a business owner with complex needs or an individual with basic needs K-Tech Solutions is the one to call.”

Dr. Jon Messarch, Owner
Buckeye Vision Care

21 Aug 2014

“As a small business owner, customer satisfaction is always a top priority for me. It is critical that I assure peace of mind to every one of our clients. A great deal of that peace of mind was achieved thanks to Bobby Kneisel and all of the hard work he has brought to our office computer systems. Bobby has created from the ground up, a back-up computer database with multiple safety nets for our office. I no longer have to worry about the “what if’s” as far as customer privacy and office security. In addition, Bobby has continued to follow up regularly with our entire staff with any questions or concerns. In my opinion thanks to his knowledge, skill, service and personal experience, I would highly recommend working with him. If it’s the best in the industry you want, you found your solution!”